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Thank you for taking such good care of Randy and giving him ‘minty fresh’ breath!”


Pet Prescription Refills Are Available at Rocky Point Animal Hospital

4H students learn about pet medications at Rocky Point Animal Hospital

For your convenience, Rocky Point Animal Hospital has a full-service pharmacy right on the premises. We know that sometimes it can be confusing to get the right medication for your pet. Everyone on our staff will take the time to give you the personal attention you deserve to ensure you go home with the right medications for your special pet.

Ferret medication at Rocky Point Animal Hospital in Rocky Point NY

Rocky Point Animal Hospital’s kind and knowledgeable staff is happy to give you advice on ways to give each medication so that it is most effective and may ask you questions about your pet’s lifestyle that you didn’t think of. We might even have recommendations for giving medicine that are more fun for you and your pet.

Our pharmacy is well stocked with medications and many prescription diets. Because we keep meticulous records of your purchases and refills, we can guard against potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Please call us today with any questions about prescription refills.